Leaving a Mark on Someone’s Life !

7 04 2007

As you might’ve discovered from this blog that I “Munther”, is a person who can get irritated quite easily ! 😛 One of the things which really irritates me nowadays is something which a close friend of mine keeps wishing for ! 😡 Every now and then this guy will go into Mr. Softy mode and starts coming up with weird thoughts, his most popular one is “I want to be remembered for something I’ve done !” Now how on earth, can the most selfish guy I know come up with this sort of idolic dream ? 😀 I mean I would understand this idea coming from a saint “like me ! :P”but NOT this guy ! 😀 So I looked him in the eye, shrugged and said to him:

“The next time you see a kid walking down the street while eating an ice cream, run towards him and smash his treat into his face, and see if he remembers you ! I bet he’ll still get shivers when he is in his 60s telling his grandchildren the story of that mad man who came out of the blue and smashed his treat into his face with no reason what so ever !” 😀

My mate seemed to really consider this ! So hide your kids people and never let them have ice cream at the out doors while my nut job of a mate is roaming the streets of these once peaceful islands ! 😀

I swear that I’m a caring person and never meant for this to get out of hands ! 😀 😛





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8 04 2007

lol i think wht u friend means is tht he wants u to leave a touch on ppl lives in a positive way by accomplishing an achievment or a goal in terms of society matter and not as a personal matter (i.e hitting=P)
Anyhow, ppl do enjoy eating ice cream thoug, especially those days, dont be such a seflaa and ruien tht moment to them (excuse the word of course)

tc man; ) peaceee

8 04 2007
Munther Almudawi

Hi mooni,

Let me first welcome you to our blog ! you are our 1st customer in this new era ! 😛 Back to the subject, well mate, I understood what my mate meant in the first place but what made come up with such a solution was due to him being somewhat of a hypocrite ! 😀 Like what’ve I said earlier in the post the guy is a selfish person “he admits it too! 😀 ” He doesn’t strike me as a person capable of good deeds ! So the action plan suits him well ! 😉

Cheers 😉

9 04 2007

Lol speakin of selfish, we were talkin about Homer and Peter last night hehe. I’ll just visualize all the boys I know who are your friends and think of who it might be although I think it’s one from the hood.

And ya, welcome mooni :).

11 04 2007

A well known saying in England for fealing left out is “i felt like the only kid in the street without an ice cream” now its maybee a good thing lol,(the smurf reminds me of their game on the mega drive)

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