Annoying People

21 03 2007
At the office we have this guy who’s job title states that his job is a secretary but he seems to think that he holds a bigger job at the institute ! For some weired reason this guy seems to think that he is the main figure at the establishment and will dish out orders to those who are in fact higher than him in the hierarchy of the institute ! And if this wasn’t bad enough, the guy has this habit of sticking his finger in every cake claiming that he knows better. 😡 Anyway, although I have been avoiding the nut job for a while quite seccusfully, the dreaded day came two days ago, and here is what happened:

Nut Job: Mr. Almudawi, I need to speak to you URGENTLY.

Me: Sure ! 🙂 What’s up ? (To myself: Good God, How did I manage to cross paths with this nutter)

Nut Job: First of all, I’d like to complement you on your efforts that you have put in, ever since your promotion .

ME: Cheers Mate (To myself: wait for the bullshit to come)

Nut Job: But it seems that your performance of late have been quite low.

ME: MY PERFORMANCE ? Since when ? (To myself: he got to be kidding me !)

Nut Job: Ever since a month ! And there is nothing wrong with that, if matters were in my hands I’d give you some time off.

ME: No thanks, I am fine. But what made you think that my performance dropped ?

Nut Job: I know things ! And there is another thing ! Why don’t you have any problems at your department ? Are you hiding something ? Especially with you being newly promoted !

ME: 😮 It seems that you have lots of time to waste mate ! 😡 I don’t have time for this, I’d rather spend my time where I could be more productive ! Now, please excuse me I’ve got a department to run ! (To myself: What a nut ! I can’t Believe that I wasted 45 mins on an aimless conversation :o)

To be honest, the 45 minutes didn’t go to waste, at least it gave me a proper run for my techniques which I’ve been using to avoid this nut job ! Now I have to go back to the office , to fetch my faithful drawing board and sketch myself improved blueprints to continue avoiding that git ! 😀

So lads and lassies, If you have a job or still live a happy life at school (GOD how I envy you:D), think about the most annoying colleague, subordinate, or boss you have at the moment. Then tell me the one thing that your own “nut job” did most recently to get on your nerves. 😉




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24 03 2007

I often get spoken down to by young scally’s who say “do de bouncer dare fella an dont spre de orses” (ROUGHLEY TRANSLATED MEANS–can you do a u-turn please and drive verry fast)so i drive verry slow and tell them it’s against the law to

25 03 2007

Lol, this is just funny. Knowing you, I know what goes on in your office after such an incident. You probably need to do what Jacko did, come to the college in a burqa so this guy won’t see you :D.

Gaz, I take it that’s the official liverpoolian language, I won’t say accent haha cause it’s so different.

As for me, a funny work incident. Well the one I can remember well is having a fight with a guy I worked with, to be specific, summer before second year of university. I was sick and I couldn’t show up before 8. This guy I was working with accused me of doing nothing when I worked constantly for 6 hours. The pathetic bit was that not only did I work for free, but also he did absolutely nothing the whole day, he wasn’t even at his desk most of the time. The solution, I complained to the big man and I was like, what kind of bs is this. Mind you though, it worked just fine, I changed work partners, did something more interesting and that guy was told to start taking his job seriously :).

25 03 2007

Khalid we call it KIDDA LANGUAGE coz they call each other KIDDA.i’ll have to write a blog about it,a mate had 2 in his cab and 1 said to his mate “no tabs an dat” (translated=havent you got any sigarettes) LOL

29 03 2007


This guy sounds like a snob. We have lots of them here at work.

Can’t we just take all of them, stuff them in a duffle bag, and throw them off of Sitra’s highway?

Oh shoot… they still won’t drown! 😉

29 03 2007


Gaz: And I thought that the Scouser accent was hard ! 😀

Khalid: Yeah, I remember cuz, used to complain about him all the time 😀

Hashim: The sitra highway idea
sounds interesting, I have to agree with you on this one mate ! You would never get rid of those nut jobs though ! 😡 😀

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